Analyzing the NFL's Trades: Jimmy Graham to the Seahawks

After much speculation the last few months, the NFL's annual free agency unleashed a surprising and crazy period of teams acquiring new players.  Before we discuss individual signings, we need to analyze the three trades that occurred on March 10.

     The most surprising of these trades was between the Seattle Seahawks and the New Orleans Saints. The Seahawks traded Max Unger (their starting center) and the 31st selection in the draft for New Orleans' Jimmy Graham (their starting tight end) and a fourth round selection in the draft. This trade makes sense from both perspectives: the Seahawks gain an excellent offensive player who can dramatically improve the Seahawks' passing attack and the Saints add a highly regarded offensive lineman and a first round selection.
     While the Seahawks will lose their 31st selection in the draft, their more drastic loss is losing Max Unger.  While the Seahawks have made the Super Bowl for the last two years in a row (winning one and …

NFL Playoffs: Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots

For the first game of the divisional round of the playoffs, the Baltimore Ravens are heading to Foxboro, Massachusetts to take on the New England Patriots.  While these two have met several times in the postseason (most notably the 2011 and 2012 AFC Championship games), this matchup promises to be another memorable postseason duel.

After a Monday Night Football disaster against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Patriots looked like a shell of the dominating team they have been for over the last decade.  Their offense was sputtering and their defense was mediocre at best.  At that time, it appeared that the Patriots' run as one of the NFL's best teams was over.   Everything changed after that game: the Patriots finished their season 12-4, earned the top seed in the AFC's playoffs, and now will face the Baltimore Ravens in a highly anticipated duel in Gillette Stadium this Saturday.  An older, experienced Tom Brady (now 37 years old) and a revamped defense led by offseason acquis…

NFL Playoffs: Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers

As part of our prognostications for the postseason, The Rishab Report will be covering each game of the NFL's playoffs.  Here is our prediction for the second game of Wild Card Weekend between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers.        Having one of the NFL’s best rivalries in a playoff setting makes this game between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers extremely exciting.  Both of these teams won this matchup when playing at home in a convincing fashion.  Additionally, both the Ravens and the Steelers were not in the playoffs last year and have both made strides this year that set them apart from other teams in the AFC.     To grasp and understand the key matchups in this game, we have to consider the power of the Steelers’ offense, which has helped this team return to the postseason after two years of 8-8 records.Furthermore, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has had an MVP like season with the help of LeVeon Bell in the running game and Antonio Br…

NFL Playoffs: Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers

As part of our prognostications for the postseason, The Rishab Report will be covering each game of the NFL's playoffs.  Here is our prediction for the first matchup of Wild Card Weekend.  
     The last time the NFL had a playoff team with a record under .500 was in 2010 when the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC West with a 7-9 record.This year, the Carolina Panthers “earn” that status after finishing 7-8-1 in the awful NFC South.With Cam Newton leading his team to a surprising division crown, the Panthers have the opportunity to do what the 2010 Seahawks team did: win a playoff game.
      While they won the NFC South last year, the Panthers lost a playoff game that they simply did not look ready for against the 49ers.At that time the Panthers lacked physicality on the offensive side of the ball, which resulted in the 49ers dominating Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.Unfortunately for Newton and the Panthers, the Cardinals are from the same rugged and physical NFC West and have one …

NFL Picks Week 16: Saturday Night Football

As the NFL's regular season comes to an end, making the playoffs becomes more important.  Today, we have two fantastic games with a classic NFC East divisional rivalry and an exciting matchup between two teams from the West.  Joining me in previewing and prognosticating this game will be my associate Justin Loughlin

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins
Rishab- As a spectator of the Giants/Redskins game last week, I was fairly impressed by Robert Griffin III in the first half.  He was fairly accurate and made some throws that reminded me of his rookie year.  However, I was extremely disappointed in his offensive line, who allowed the Giants defense to have a field day and pummel Griffin in the second half.  While I have always believed that the Eagles are pretenders in the NFC, their pass rush will likely dominate the Redskins and give Robert Griffin III a very difficult time.  I think we'll have a mid-scoring game but the Eagles will run away with it in the fourth quarter.…

NFL Picks Week 15: New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears

The New Orleans Saints, who are trying to win an ugly NFC South, take on the Chicago Bears on one of the last Monday Night Football games of the year.  Joining me in previewing and prognosticating this game will be my associates Michael Mufson and Justin Loughlin.  
New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears Rishab- With a win on the road over the Bears, the Saints would regain the lead in the awful division that is the NFC South.  Winning this game is imperative for the Saints to regain some momentum before possibly entering the NFC's playoffs as an underdog.  The Chicago Bears really don't have much to play for after they were eliminated from playoff contention.  Without Brandon Marshall, the Bears don't have a good chance at winning this one.  24-13 New Orleans.
Justin- The Bears sneak out a win against the Saints even with a Jay Cutler interception.  21-18 Chicago.  
Michael- The loss of Brandon Marshall kills the Bears in a season already in turmoil.  The Saints need to keep p…

NFL Picks Week 15: Sunday Predictions

As we enter the final three weeks NFL's regular season, some teams are in the midst of an intense playoff chase for division titles and wildcard spots while others are preparing for the 2015 NFL Draft to retool their rosters.  While some games count more than others, it is important to consider the ramifications for each team as we approach the playoffs.  With that in mind, we begin our predictions for Week 15.

Green Bay Packers @ Buffalo Bills While the Bills have been very formidable this year, they lack a quarterback that can get them to the playoffs and win games against great teams.  Right now, the Packers are one of those great teams that has a quarterback who has already won a Super Bowl: Aaron Rodgers.  While I do think this game will be close, Rodgers and the Packers will win on the road.  26-20 Green Bay.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers Even without Cam Newton, the Panthers should still be favored to beat the lowly Bucs at home.  I think Kelvin Benjamin has a huge…